A standard in IT security.

Due to its outstanding features FLAM has become an industry standard. In retrospect, it were the fields of Finance and Telecommunications that started FLAM’s success story – two of the most sensitive sectors - when it comes to data security.

But use of FLAM is not limited to particular fields of business. Its use pays whereever data security, data exchange, and cost effectiveness matter. That could be the case in the food industry when production chains must be back-tracked. Other examples are long-term-archiving of X-ray images in the medical sector or the management of excessive amounts of sensitive measurement data in research-oriented hi-tec industries. In manufacturing, parts lists tend to overly inflate data repositories. For IT auditing, it’s the job and process logs which must be kept for a long period of time. All this must be done keeping in mind the IT industry’s rapid development. Call us now! We will gladly discuss with you whether FLAM is the right tool for your business.